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L1.8. Motion Procedure. Cover Sheet. The procedure set forth in this section shall apply to every request for relief and/or application to the court for an order, whether by petition, motion, objections, or stipulation, that the filing party desires to bring before the court.

A. A cover sheet substantially in the form set forth in subsection G of this section shall be attached to the front of every request for a court order to which this rule applies.

B. The cover sheet shall consist of only one page. Captions may be abbreviated. If additional space is necessary to list counsel and unrepresented parties, a separate sheet may be attached. The filing party or counsel shall be responsible for identifying all parties and others to be given notice or their counsel on the cover sheet. If a party was not served with a copy of the executed cover sheet as a result of an omission of the filing party, the argument or hearing may be rescheduled or, in the discretion of the court, the request for relief may be denied.

C. If a cover sheet is not attached as required by this rule, the court may choose not to act upon the request for relief until an appropriate cover sheet is filed. If the filing party does not attach a cover sheet as required by this rule, a cover sheet, along with a copy of the original motion may be filed by any party, or the court.

D. If expedited consideration by the court is requested or required by statute or rule of procedure, the reason for such consideration shall be set forth on the cover sheet.

E. A proposed order granting the relief requested shall be attached, immediately following the cover sheet.

F. The court shall schedule argument, hearing or briefing as the court may require, note the scheduling information on the cover sheet, and issue the scheduling order appearing on the cover sheet. The clerk shall docket and promptly forward the completed cover sheet to all parties identified on the cover sheet. The court may by order set additional service requirements, if the circumstances so require.

G. The form of the cover sheet shall be substantially as follows: [Download in Word or Adobe PDF]


Caption (may be abbreviated)                     Docket No.
                                                                Case assigned to Judge __________
                                                                  Family Court Hearing Officer/Auditor ____________

1. Name of filing party:

2. Filing party’s attorney:

3. Type of filing:

4. The following is/are requested:

□ Argument
□ Evidentiary Hearing
□ Court conference
□ Pretrial conference
□ Entry of uncontested order
(attach supporting documentation)
□ Expedited consideration. State the basis:
□ Issuance of a Citation/Rule to Show Cause
□ Video conferencing requested. Request form has been submitted. See Lyc. Co. R.G.C.B. L8.
□ Attach this cover sheet to original motion previously filed on: __________

5. Time required: _________

6. Names and addresses of all counsel, unrepresented parties and interested parties (including CASA representative, if appointed) and indicate if anyone is incarcerated:

□ Continued on separate sheet.


1. An ___ argument ___ factual hearing ___ court conference is scheduled for ________________at _____m. in courtroom no. ______ , Lycoming County Courthouse, Williamsport, PA.
2. ____ Pretrial memos including witness list and exhibits are to be filed by the following dates:
     Filing party: ____________________________________
     Responding parties: ____________________________________
3. ____  A response to the motion/petition shall be filed as follows: _____________________________.
4. ____ Petitioner shall ensure service of this scheduling order on all parties and interested persons within _______ days of the date of this order and shall provide the court with proof of service at least _______ working days prior to the scheduled proceeding.
5. _____________________ is appointed as counsel for the alleged incapacitated person, and petitioner shall serve a copy of this scheduling order, petition and any attachments on the appointed attorney. The appointed attorney is to be reimbursed at the rate of $_____ per hour to be paid by the county/estate of the alleged incapacitated person (circle one).
6. ____ See order attached. ____ See separate order issued this date.
7.  ____Other_______________________________________________________.

             ___________________________        _________________
                  Judge                                            Date


NOTICE: The parties are directed to confer for the purpose of resolving any issue raised in the motion/petition. If a resolution is reached prior to the scheduled date, the moving party shall immediately notify the court scheduling technician, the judge or hearing officer assigned to hear the matter, and all counsel of record or parties if unrepresented. Such notice may be in writing or by email.