Pa. Courts Confidential Records Policy Effective January 2018   The Supreme Court adopted a new public access policy, effective Jan. 6, that establishes uniform standards for all appellate and trial courts in responding to requests from the public for case records. The policy includes how requests for access are to be handled, establishes a limit on copying fees and delineates what information will be safeguarded.  (Dez 23, 2017)

Legal Services Introduces the Divorce Tracker   NPLS implements Divorce Tracker, an automated program that helps guide individuals through the divorce process in Pennsylvania and generates the forms necessary to pursue a simple, uncontested divorce action.  (Mrz 15, 2017)

Revocable Living Trusts: Magic or Myth?   Out-of-town non-attorneys are coming to our area, encouraging people to attend a “living trust” seminar. These living trusts often do not “live up” to their hype. To help consumers to make an informed decision about trusts, the Elder Law Committee has debunked claims often made by non-attorney living trust salespeople.  (Nov 28, 2016)

Recorded Deed Notice" a costly and unnecessary service   LLA real estate lawyers warn of a new twist on unnecessary deed processing service.  (Nov 14, 2016)

Starting a business - A Lawyer can help.   Skeptics said she would never start her own company. A lawyer helped her prove them wrong.  (Mrz 28, 2007)

Cancer - You have rights.   The clinic gave her a death sentence. A lawyer gave her hope.  (Mrz 28, 2007)

Adoption - A lawyer can help.   They thought they couldn’t have a child. A lawyer helped make it possible.  (Mrz 28, 2007)

Alzheimer’s disease. A lawyer can help.   Alzheimer’s disease takes away his independence. A lawyer protects his rights.  (Mrz 28, 2007)

Law Library Moves   The James V. Brown Library now houses the Lycoming County Law Library  (Mrz 1, 2006)

Living Trusts: Magic or Myth?   Many untrue claims are made about the benefits of living trusts.  (Jun 21, 2002)

Buying a Home? Refinancing?   You have the right to a lawyer!  (Apr 14, 2001)