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Rules of General Court Business
Rules of Civil Procedure

-L76  Definitions
-L205.2  Filing Legal Papers

-L206.4(c)  Rule to Show Cause
-L208.2  Motions. Form. Content
-L208.3  Motions. Procedures. Brief
-L212  Pre-trials and Trial Scheduling

-L216 Continuances
-L220 Jury Size in Civil Trials
-L227.3 Transcript of Testimony
-L230.2  Termination of Inactive Cases
-L250.1 Americans with Disabilities Notice
-L261 Court Administrator
-L300  Dockets
-L400.1(b)  Service of original process
-L411  Action for Support
-L430  Service by Publication
-L440  Use of Prothonotary's Office Mail Box
-L501  Meeting Place
-L502  Substitution After Appointment
-L503  Organization
-L504  Notice of Appointment
-L601  Security for Costs of Non-residents
-L602  Bill of Costs
-L702  Satisfaction of Judgment
-L901  Money Paid into Court
-L902  Appeal as Supersedeas
-L1007  Commencement. Case Scheduling

-L1012  Appearance. Withdrawals
-L1018.1 Notice to Defend
-L1025  Designation of Trial Attorney
-L1028(c)  Preliminary Objections
-L1034(a)  Judgment on the Pleadings
-L1035.2(a)  Motion for Summary Judgment
-L1049  Itemized Statements
-L1066  Entry of Judgment. Advertisement
-L1301  Cases for Submission
-L1302  List of Arbitrators
-L1302.1 Selection of Arbitrators
-L1303  Scheduling of Hearings
-L1304  Arbitrator’s Questions
-L1304.1 Continuances
-L1306  Awards
-L1308  Compensation for Arbitrators
-L1311  Appeals
-L1315  Settlements
-L1910.10   Hearing Procedure
-L1910.12   Exceptions Procedure
-L1910.14   Defendant Leaving Jurisdiction
-L1910.15   Paternity
-L1910.22   Attachment of Wages
-L1915.3  Custody Petitions and Procedure
-L1915.3-1  Initial Conference
-L1915.3-2  Exceptions to Interim Orders
-L1915.3-3  Recommended Orders/Approval
-L1915.7  Settlement
-L1915.8   Examinations and Home Studies
-L1915.10-1  Pre-Trial Conference
-L1915.10-2  Continuances
-L1915.12   Required Certification
-L1915.13-1  Emergency Custody Relief
-L1915.13-2  Emergency Relief. Moving
-L1920.13  Interim Relief.  Family Court
-L1920.16  Bifurcation
-L1920.21  Bill of Particulars. Non pros
-L1920.31  Joinder of Economic Claims
-L1920.32  Joinder of Custody Claims
-L1920.33  Joinder of Property Claims
-L1920.42  Divorce Affidavit and Decree
-L1920.43  Special Relief
-L1920.45  Counseling
-L1920.51  Hearing by Court. Master
-L1920.53  Hearing By Master. Report
-L1920.55  Exception Procedure
-L1920.71  Form of Notice to Defend
-L1930.5  Discovery
-L2039  Minor's Compromise, Settlement
-L2232  Notice of Pendency of Action
-L4005  Interrogatory Limits

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L212. Pretrial Conferences and Trial Scheduling.

A. Trial list. Cases may be placed on the trial list in the manner set forth in rule L1007.

B. Pretrial Conferences.

1. The court administrator shall schedule a pretrial conference to be held at least fifteen (15) days before the first day of the session of trials during which the case is listed.

2. Not less than seven days before the date set for the pretrial conference, each party shall file the original and one copy of the pretrial statement and serve a copy on all other parties. The prothonotary shall forward the copy to the trial judge as soon as possible.

3. Counsel are required to be prepared to inform the court of the demand and settlement offers and to discuss settlement.

4. All parties and representatives necessary to approve settlement and with full settlement authority must attend the pretrial conference in person, unless upon written request the court authorizes appearance by telephone or otherwise excuses attendance.

5. Each party may be limited to calling witnesses or using exhibits listed on the pretrial statement.

6. The pretrial statement shall be in substantially the following form: [Download in Word or Adobe PDF]


Caption                                                             Docket #

1. Name of Party

2. Attorney’s Name

3. Judge

4. Date of Pretrial

5. List all parties and counsel to the action.

6. Has there been a timely demand for a jury trial? Yes ____ No ____ Number of jurors demanded: 8 ___ 12 ____.

7. Scheduling – list any unusual scheduling problems, which are anticipated.

8. Estimated time to try.

9. Brief narrative statement of the submitting party’s version of the case. Attach any helpful diagram.

10. Legal theory of liability. List those theories upon which you will rely, as each party may be limited to those theories at trial.

11. If there is a counterclaim, set forth the theory of liability and contentions on damages.

12. If an agreement is involved in this action, is it written or oral? Quote the provisions of the agreement, which are central to this dispute.

13. Damages – List types and amounts of damages claimed.

14. Names of witnesses:

a) Definite witnesses and scope of testimony (liability, damages or both).

b) Possible witnesses and scope of testimony (liability, damages or both).

15. Expert witnesses – list name and specialty and attach all expert reports.

16. Exhibits – List all exhibits and indicate whether or not they have been shown to opposing counsel.

17. Technological issues:

a) Is there a request for any witness to appear live at trial by way of video or audio conferencing? See Lyc. Co. R.G.C.B. L8 for required form and procedure.

b) Indicate all electronic and/or technological equipment, which is intended to be used in presentation of exhibits or evidence.

18. Requested stipulations (Qualifications of experts, admissibility of documents without custodian, special damages, etc).

19. Unusual legal issues – issues on which trial briefs should be required.

20. Outstanding motions.

21. Miscellaneous – list any matter that you feel is important but which has not been covered.

NOTE: As to settlement and attendance by parties see Lyc. Co. R.C.P. L212.

________________________             _______________
    Attorney’s signature                             Date


C. Re-pretrials of continued cases. Where a continuance is allowed under rule L216 after pre-trial conference, the case will be rescheduled for trial. A re-pretrial conference will be held. At any such re-pretrial conference, the pretrial memorandum previously submitted shall be updated if appropriate, but otherwise need not be resubmitted.

D. Striking cases from trial list. Cases listed for trial shall remain so listed until settled of record, or until a verdict, adjudication or nonsuit is entered, or unless removed by order of court.

E. Extensions. For settlement purposes the court in its discretion may extend the pretrial conference to a settlement conference date or for a summary jury trial.