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of the Bench and Bar of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

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Foreword to the 1961 edition

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Foreword to the 1989 edition


A new county created
Contest over the county seat
Dirty work at the Russell Inn
Final location of the county seat
Early courts and amusing incidents
Court held at the Russell inn and Rising Sun
The First Court House
Cost of holding early courts
The Second Court House
The great cannon controversy
The 1903 addition to the Court House
Lycoming County Authority
The Fair Play System
The Courts prior to 1791
Lycoming County Courts

President Judges of the Third and Eighth Districts:

  1. Jacob Rush
  2. William Hepburn
  3. Thomas Cooper
  4. Seth Chapman
  5. Ellis Lewis III
Trial of John Earls for murder (1836)
Hall v. Armstrong
  1. Charles G. Donnel
  2. Joseph B. Anthony
  3. James Pollock
  4. Alexander Jordan

Law Judges of the Twenty-Ninth District:

  1. James Gamble
  2. Hugh H. Cummin
  3. John J. Metzger
  4. Max L. Mitchell
  5. William W. Hart
  6. Harvey W. Whitehead
  7. George B. M. Metzger
  8. Don Marshall Larrabee
  9. Mortimer C. Rhone
  10. Samuel H. Humes
  11. Spencer Willets Hill, Jr.
  12. Charles Scott Williams
  13. Charles Fritcher Greevy, Jr.
  14. Thomas Wood
  15. Thomas Charles Raup
  16. Clinton Wilcox Smith
  17. Robert James Wollet
  18. Kenneth Dale Brown
  19. William Stewart Kieser
  20. Nancy Louise Butts
  21. Dudley N. Anderson
  22. Richard Allen Gray
  23. Marc Francis Lovecchio
  24. Eric R. Linhardt

Judges of the United States District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania - Williamsport

  1. Malcolm Stabler Muir
  2. James Focht McClure
  3. John E. Jones, III
  4. Matthew W. Brann

Associate Judges not learned in the law:

  1. Samuel Wallis
  2. John Adlum
  3. James Davidson, M.D.
  4. Samuel Harris
  5. John Fleming
  6. John Cummings
  7. Asher Davidson, M.D.
  8. Rev. John Thomas
  9. Thomas Taggart
  10. Solomon Bastress
  11. John Smith
  12. William Ellmaker
  13. Apollos Woodward
  14. William Piatt
  15. Charles D. Eldred
  16. James G. Ferguson
  17. Hezekiah B. Packer
  18. George P. Lore, Sr.
  19. Huston Hepburn
  20. William P. I. Painter

Deceased Resident Members of the Bar

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Living Members of the Lycoming Law Association


Bar Meetings
Lycoming Law Association
Legal Aid
Lycoming Reporter
Case of the Pangborn Claim
Lycoming Law Association Presidents


The first Court House
Thomas Cooper
1903 Addition to Lycoming County Court House
1903 Addition to Lycoming County Court House
Thomas Cooper
1860 Lycoming County Court House
1971 Lycoming County Court House