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Civil Trial Scheduling Orders And Litigation Procedures

The Court will schedule civil cases in accordance with suggested scheduling guidelines published periodically by the court. The guidelines work hand-in-hand with Lyc. Co. R.C.P. L1007 (normal track 12-18 months and complex track 18-24 months after the defendant is first served). The dispositive motion deadlines have been established to allow the Court sufficient time in which to dispose of summary judgment motions before trial.

Counsel are also requested to review and use the appropriate forms for the Case Monitoring Notice  and Motion Cover Sheet; when submitted by counsel, all of these forms should be confined to a single page; the use of the appropriate form will expedite the processing of case filings and other motions.

Counsel’s attention is also invited to the Civil Pretrial Statement form under Lyc. Co. R.C.P. L212.

The current Rules and forms are available, in their entirety, on the Rules Page.

civil trial term scheduleThe Current Civil Trial Term Schedule with suggested deadlines is available for viewing in Adobe PDF format, by clicking here.