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Updated January 18, 2018

The following is a list of “reminders” that should help to expedite the processing of court documents filed in the Prothonotary's office:

  •  All documents filed in the Prothonotary’s office must be on 8 1/2” x 11” paper. Any paper longer than 11” will not be accepted for filing. (Lycoming County Rule of General Court Business L 1) Also, please do not attach backers or headers.
  • Case numbers must be noted on all documents.
  • Originals and copies of all pleadings should have the filing parties’ signature affixed to same.
  • Attorney I. D numbers must be noted on all pleadings.
  • All pleading should have applicable cover sheets, confidential forms and proposed orders attached to them as prescribed by State & Local Rules of Court.
  • The Sheriff requires a deposit for the service of complaints and writs. One copy of Original complaint and a copy for each defendant & one service copy are required.
  • All Praecipes for writs must have a street address for each defendant. Post office box numbers are not acceptable.
  • Our Sheriff will deputize the Sheriff of another county to serve a Writ of Summons and will deputize to serve garnishees & parties, on Writs of Execution on mortgage foreclosure Sheriff Sales. Writs for personal property execution out of county will be returned to the filing party.
  • Number of copies needed for other court documents:
    • Briefs- original for us plus one copy for Court Administrator.
    • Preliminary Objections- Original for Court Administrator and one for the Prothonotary’s Office.
    • Motions and Petitions- Original for Court Administrator plus whatever number of copies you will need conformed.
    • Exceptions- Original for the Prothonotary’s Office plus one for Family Court.
  • All pleadings to be considered by the Court must be numbered and time-stamped in the Prothonotary’s Office first. Courtesy copies should not be sent to the Court Administrator, Judges or Law Clerks. Exceptions to Rule: Continuance requests go directly to the Court Administrator.
  • Service of the Local Rule L206 coversheet will be made by the Prothonotary, to only the parties listed in Item 6 of the cover sheet. Counsel of record or unrepresented parties and their addresses’ must be listed in Item 6. Service names should no longer be listed on the bottom of the sheet. The filing party of the motion and cover sheet should also provide to the Prothonotary enough copies of the pleading for all parties listed in Item 6.
  • Plaintiff will still make service of the Initial Case Monitoring Notice and Order.
  • Except for the filing attorney in a new action, all additional attorneys to the case number, must file a Praecipe for entry of appearance. Otherwise, their name will not be added to the docket caption. This includes a replacement of counsel within the same law firm.
  • Default Judgments must include a Praecipe, 10 day notice & Rule 236 notice of entry. MDJ judgments must include the judgment certification form, Rule 236 notice. Both also require addressed envelope for each debtor with postage.
  • Discovery materials will not be accepted for filing- depositions, interrogatories, requests for production of documents, answers to interrogatories ( unless by a garnishee) and response to request for production of documents. However, we will record certificates of service for the above and will file a notice of taking deposition.
  • Faxed or emailed documents are not accepted for filing in the Prothonotary’s Office